Aluminium doors

Benefits of aluminium doors:

  • Optimum combination of design and function
  • Aluminium doors give each building its own individual character and aesthetic design
  • High performance, long service life, repair ability
  • Doors are available in big sizes, various purposes, with different ways of opening
  • Various security features: burglar resistance, fire resistance and bullet resistance
  • A range of designs available from non-insulated to highly thermally insulated
Technical information

High insulation aluminium doors

Aluminium doors with various designs

Basic series with a wide choice of fittings

Basic depth of the frame

75 mm

70 mm

65 mm

Basic depth of the vent frame

75 / 85 mm

70 / 80 mm

65 / 75 mm

Thickness of blank glazing

19 - 55 mm

11 - 52 mm

6 - 45 mm

Thickness of leaf glazing

24 - 67 mm

11 - 62 mm

4 - 55 mm

Thermal insulation per
DIN EN ISO 10077-2

Uf = 1,72 W/m²K

Uf = 1,89 W/m²K

Uf = 2,31 W/m²K

Burglar-resistance per
DIN V ENV 1627 to 1630




Air permeability per
DIN EN 12207

Class 2

Class 2

Class 2

Weathertightness per
DIN EN 12208

Class 5a

Class 5a

Class 5a

Resistance to wind-load
per DIN EN12210*

Class C2/B2

Class C2/B2

Class C2/B2

Durability per
DIN EN 12400

Class 5

Class 5

Class 5

Schüco ADS 65

SCHÜCO ADS 65 is suitable for economical entrance solutions in conjunction with very good thermal insulation. Optional fittings also allow it to be used as a multi-purpose door and integrated in the building security and building management  system.

Schüco ADS 70 HI

SCHÜCO ADS 70.HI (High Insulation) combines outstanding thermal insulation with the benefits of the Schüco ADS door system. The basic depth of 70 mm ensures a high degree of stability. The clear, timeless design is ideal for combining with the proven Schuco facade and window systems. Barrel hinge, infinitely adjustable in three dimensions.

Schüco ADS 75.SI

SCHÜCO ADS 75.SI (Super Insulation) offers outstanding insulation values and is therefore the ideal solution for buildings with the highest requirements in terms of energy management and architecture. Optional fittings also mean that it can be used as a multi-purpose door and integrated in the building management system.

Schüco​ ADS​ 90​ SI

The door system Schüco ADS 90.SI (Super Insulation) sets new standards of energy saving for aluminum doors. Extended isolation zones, the principle of the mean seal around the perimeter and special insulation of glazing rebate provide excellent system performance, such as, resistance to the storm water load of up to 750 Pa and Uf indicators of 1.4 W/(m²K). By using the appropriate double-glass and energy-efficient door filling even higher values for the final design are achievable.